All intellectual property rights are and will remain the property of TeHeGifts® at all times. Any infringements will be legally pursued seriously.

We love to see our customers showing their support for our gifts and we work hard to find ways for them to display their gratitude wherever they are.

To achieve this, we produce a wide range of high quality merchandise, all featuring elements of our growing portfolio of registered trademarks in the United Kingdom and Worldwide.




Unfortunately, this recognition over the years does make our brand a target for counterfeiters who seek to exploit customers & fans with unapproved products and services. We are committed to protecting the TeHe Gifts brand and our Intellectual Property from any unauthorised use by individuals or organisations.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeiting is the deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by copying, manufacturing and marketing goods bearing well known trademarks including our own. These goods are rarely safety tested and are usually of inferior quality.

TeHe Gifts is committed to protecting our customers, clients and fanbase by working with the all our: Marketplace Brand Protection, UK Trading Standards, Customs and law enforcement officers to prosecute those who design, manufacture, distribute and sell counterfeit TeHe Gifts products.

Along with active trademarks, TeHe Gifts have all designs & logos registered and certified, protected by Copyright Law with ProtectMyWork.com

Copyright & Trademark - ProtectMyWork

How can you help us?

Here at TeHe Gifts we rely heavily upon our customers and fans to help us put an end to any illegal activity that is seen around the internet. Should you have any information relating to counterfeit goods, studio designs being copied or the unauthorised use of our Intellectual Property please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Any information provided to TeHe Gifts regarding counterfeiters will be treated in the strictest confidence, your name will not go any further.

Email: brandprotection@tehegifts.com

Mail:  TeHe Gifts, Brand Protection, Studio B3, Copley Mill, Greater Manchester, SK15 2QF, UK.

Everyone at TeHe Gifts appreciates any help or assistance you may offer regarding this matter.